HUNK: Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys
Occupation(s): Musicians, boy band
Best Known For: One of the highest grossing pop acts of the 1990’s

Yeah, we’re doing it 90’s style this week. So we’re going with the ultimate 90’s HUNKs: the Backstreet Boys.

So technically the Backstreet Boys are a group, but since they are all HUNKs in their own right, we’re hunking them all at once.

Nick Carter, easily the most popular BSB member, is the star of every 90’s girls’ dreams. With his blond hair, blue eyes and baby-faced charm, it is even easier to see why. He is adorable, to say the least and fits the classic ‘heartthrob’ mold for boy bands. Since the Backstreet Boys’ height of popularity, Nick has been chastised for gaining a bit of weight. But we (by ‘we,’ we mean Kryzta) like a little chubbiness, I think it only adds to his irresistible charm!

Brian Littrell is the voice you hear the most. And that voice could melt the sun. To top that, he is the band’s sweetheart. With a voice, face and personality like that who couldn’t love him?

AJ McLean is the bad boy. And we all know everyone loves a bad boy. Sure, he has struggled with drugs and alcohol, but he has also come clean about it. Which means he is bad, but not too bad. What does that mean? He’s totally accessible. And a total HUNK.

Howie Dorough inserts Latin flavor into the group. Though at first glance, he may look like he is lowest on the BSB-totem pole. But you watch the video for ‘Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart)’. Not only is it a visual treat in general, but at 3:44 you get an exceptional treat. A wet, shirtless, sexy body roll, courtesy of Howie D.

Kevin Richardson was the reason our mothers encouraged us to listen to the Backstreet Boys. His classic, older look brought the cougars out to play. He gets a frown for quitting BSB recently, but he has a family to take care of. And we can respect a family man for sure.

This 5-fecta of HUNK blew our minds in the 90’s and continue to rock us today. We are just as excited to see them in concert as we were at 13. So, Backstreet Boys, to thank-you for getting our blood boiling for both our pubescent and adult lives, we only have one gift: You have officially been HUNK’d. See you this summer!



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3 responses to “HUNK: Backstreet Boys

  1. Lanna

    Nick isn’t “chubby” at ALL any more. He’s gotten in shape (lost 62lbs) by dieting and working out. Looks INCREDIBLE-better than when he was younger!,,20257161,00.html

  2. That’s exactly what we were getting at. Plus, even if he still had the 62 lbs, he is still pretty hot!

    Thanks for the link! VERY nice pictures! 🙂

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